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This section is dedicated to commenting or sharing your thoughts on Tradeuros or tradeuros.com online investment platform. You can write your experience for this broker tradeuros.com. This way you will be able to help all those who want to invest with this platform.
Is Tradeuros a platform that meets your needs?
Is tradeuros.com a serious platform?
What are the licenses available to Tradeuros?
What commissions does Tradeuros offer?

Please comment, to help all WallStreet-Blog.com visitors

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    • #112257 Reply

      A very good trading company. I was able to get excellent financial advice by recommending things in detail. Furthermore the customer support is courteous and available 24 hours on 5 days of the week.

    • #112259 Reply

      I have long been looking for a reliable broker with a good platform and cheap spreads. Tradeuros has a platform with fast order execution and I can deposit and withdraw without any problems. I highly recommend him as a broker.

    • #112261 Reply

      Hi everyone, I don’t have much information regarding online trading and I wanted to ask if you can give me some information about it. What is the market you recommend me to invest ? Currency exchange only?

      • #112263 Reply

        At the moment, you can trade not only in currencies, but also in commodities (on gold) and in the American stock markets.

    • #112265 Reply

      I didn’t know this company until I heard my friends talk about their experience. Out of curiosity, I looked for information and reviews about it. I don’t believe much in these things because I have always invested with my bank. Anyway I will evaluate and see what I can do.

    • #112267 Reply

      I have been in the Tradeuros company for almost a year. I was puzzled at first, but experience has shown me that a broker’s license means nothing as long as the broker is honest with the client. The platform’s order execution is fast, but in a high volume session it could be very slow. Support responds quickly.

    • #112269 Reply

      I have finally managed to find a broker that I can absolutely trust. I have been trading for a year now and I have obtained seriousness and professionalism from Tradeuros! Customer support is very friendly, always ready to provide professional support. I plan on having my first withdrawal in about a week, but I’m sure it will be just as good as everything else.

    • #112271 Reply

      I have been starting with Tradeeuros for months and am amazed by their flexibility, quick deposit and withdrawal, and friendly customer support. It may be a little early to come to a conclusion, but I would definitely recommend Tradeuros to any trader.

    • #112273 Reply

      I opened a trading account with Tradeuros three weeks ago and I’m very satisfied with the commissions and financial advice they have offered me so far. The speed of order execution on the platform is excellent. Customer service responds quickly and is very helpful. I have been with Tradeuros for some time now. At first I was wary, but experience has shown me that a broker’s license means nothing as long as the broker is honest with the client.

    • #112275 Reply

      I was recently scammed by a scam broker and it was very difficult to get the withdrawal after several failed attempts. I am now with Tradeuros and thank God I had no problem withdrawing my money. I hope they continue like this.

    • #112277 Reply

      This broker I would list it on the top5 best online brokers. The Tradeuros platform is perfect gets a wide range of markets. Withdrawals are fast, it took me a maximum of 5 days to receive the transfer. The financial advisor is professional and the customer service is very friendly.

    • #112279 Reply

      In general, I have no complaints for the Tradeuros platform. My financial advisor is accurate in his appointments and customer service always responds in a timely manner. I just think the spreads are a little bit higher. Instead the platform is undoubtedly perfect, stable, and with good order execution. At first I had no idea how this market worked, but the consultant and the information given helped me a lot to grow.

    • #112281 Reply

      I can define the experience with Tradeuros as positive. Obviously, like everyone, I’ve had ups and downs but overall I got a good experience with them. I also had the opportunity to get too. For a while I was assisted by a financial advisor but by my choice and for reasons of time I decided to operate independently. However, I speak to the consultant several times and he informs me about the latest market developments. I think Tradeuros is a great broker for those who start trading from scratch.

    • #112284 Reply

      I’m very impressed with the service I received from Tradeuros. They were very patient with me and gave me time to learn and assimilate the financial market news, indicators and strategies I had learned. I have learned that trading requires patience and study to make money.

    • #112286 Reply

      Thanks for this forum and all traders for the opinions and comments left on Tradeeuros. This played a big part in my decision to open an account with Tradeeuros. I have been testing some demo orders and have been investing in a real account for 7 months. I can assure you that everything that is said about this broker is true.

    • #112288 Reply

      The only reason I chose to activate an account with Tradeuros was the introduction of the financial agent who seemed to me very good and professional. In the beginning I started by depositing the minimum capital to see their services and if they were a serious broker. I am currently trading my favorite markets: oil, Dow30, and some US stocks. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of time to get good results. However, the account manager’s suggestions and informational emails help me a lot.

    • #112290 Reply

      I was very impressed with their customer service, as they are very professional. I have spent a long time looking for the right broker and am happy that I finally found a broker like Tradeuros.

    • #112292 Reply

      With the new year I hope that covid-19 disappears. Personally I’m making small investments in some stocks and fortunately things are going well. Tradeuros offers me the opportunity to work in risk management.

    • #112294 Reply

      Tradeuros is a good and easy to use platform. I just wanted to say that support client should respond faster.

      • #112325 Reply

        I don’t know why you say such a thing, I have tried so many times to contact the supporto client and they were very quick to respond and very friendly. However, I respect your opinion. Personally, I think Tradeuros is a very good company.

    • #112327 Reply

      I came across trading because I read a lot about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining. My parents have been investing in real estate and through the bank for years. Despite being young, I decided to activate an account with Tradeuros and have the opportunity to have my portfolio and make it grow by investing in cryptocurrencies. With the help of the account manager and studying a lot, I am making excellent profits.

    • #112337 Reply

      I understand and I am convinced that I was wrong in the strategy used by choosing the wrong brokers and activating different accounts, always investing minimum capital. Currently I have focused on a single account with Tradeuros and follow the financial advisor. With the new technique and strategy I am getting excellent results. I recommend everyone to trust Tradeuros.

    • #112339 Reply

      I’m sure that for many of you, like me, we have fallen victim to scam brokers, and it’s very difficult to trust a broker again. Reading some comments, I decided to activate an account by depositing a not too high capital as a starting point.

    • #112341 Reply

      I would like to share my first experience with the Tradeuros broker with you. To tell the truth I had not heard of this broker, looking on the Internet I found this forum and read the volstre reviews. I found your site very interesting and well illustrated. I decided to activate an account by investing 1000 euros as a starting point. At first I had problems with the bank because they did not allow me to go through the deposit process. They provided me with a protection service as I had problems investing with some scam companies. As for the withdrawal procedure, I can say that they almost never delayed crediting me with the money.

    • #112343 Reply

      On the Tradeuros platform I can say that I’m very satisfied and that I have finally found everything I was looking for from a broker. I don’t want to rush but I can express my positive opinion on the experience I’m having so far with them. Often in various forums and perhaps even here I have read some people who come to give a conclusion already in the first months of activity. The first months, in my opinion, are months of testing and getting to know the broker. In addition to Tradeuros, I’m also investing in an Australian company. It would be enough for me to have a platform with fast execution of orders and to be able to withdraw quickly without commissions. Fortunately I am getting them with Tradeuros.

    • #112345 Reply

      Despite having suffered some negative experiences, I can say that some platforms have helped me a lot to understand how to trade and use some indicators. With Tradeuros I was able to recover and secure good profits in a short time.

    • #112347 Reply

      I have encountered many problems with scam brokers and I was afraid of not being able to recover the money I had lost with them. Searching the internet and reading some reviews, I decided to open a Tradeuros account thinking it would be the last time I would invest in an online trading company. Fortunately, so far the experience with them is going well and for now I’m almost managing to recover the lost capital.

    • #112349 Reply

      With Tradeuros I managed to get excellent results with the movements I am doing lately. I recommend it to everyone as a broker.

    • #112351 Reply

      I have been trading online for years and I really like it. In the beginning I started trading as a hobby because you can’t live on online trading alone. I have my own business and when I find the time I place small orders on the two platforms I have active, of which Tradeuros is one of them.

    • #112353 Reply

      Earning money is not as easy as some people think. If you want to earn money, you need to study some strategies and charts and dedicate yourself and follow the investment. At the moment, I’m having a relatively good experience with the Tradeuros platform and I hope it will continue like this for a long time.

    • #112355 Reply

      Pretty good broker. Yesterday I received the money I asked to withdraw and within five days it went into my bank account. I have had a lot of trouble withdrawing money in the past and in most cases it has never been returned to me.

    • #112357 Reply

      Although the Tradeuros broker is a pretty good trading platform and informs me of the latest news daily, it is quite difficult to know where to focus. Some US markets are in decline. I chose to operate independently after various negative experiences I have suffered with some scam companies.

    • #112359 Reply

      I made my first withdrawal and received it in two days without any problems. I have been trading with tradeuros for a few months and if I continue to have these results I will certainly continue to trade with them.

    • #112361 Reply

      Tradeuros is a broker I trusted and invested in for several years. I am followed by a financial advisor who is helping me a lot to recover after the loss I made by trading alone with a fairly well-known platform.

      • #112363 Reply

        I agree with you Tradeuros is absolutely a professional and serious platform. I personally come from a bad experience due to a scam broker who never refunded my money. With Tradeuros I’m doing quite well, the financial advisor continues to follow me and I have always had the possibility to withdraw without problems.

    • #112365 Reply

      I’m waiting to see what would happen to the investment I made last week in the Amazon stock. It was the financial advisor who assists me at Tradeuros who advised me to make such an investment.

    • #112367 Reply

      I have just activated an account with Tradeuros and I am still at the beginning of the experience with them. I’m waiting for my first results. I can only say that the customer support has been very kind and willing to help me.

    • #112369 Reply

      It took me some time with the consultant’s help to build a plan to get a certain percentage of the profits. This Wednesday I plan to follow the oil and also the Fed meeting. In the morning the company sends me informational emails which will be of great help in the operation.

    • #112371 Reply

      Perfect Broker For Newbies. I started the experience with them from scratch and thanks to the advice and services provided I was able to grow in a very professional way. This week I’m waiting for the US data on oil and NFP, I hope to get good results.

    • #112373 Reply

      I started trading online about two years ago, but I found a scam platform that disappeared stealing my money. He had since decided not to invest in an online platform anymore. Speaking with a colleague of mine, I got to know the Tradeuros platform. He talked a lot about the experience he is having with them and the recovery plan they make for clients who have lost money due to scam companies. I activated an account with the minimum capital and already in the first operations they made me get excellent results. I really hope they continue like this and that I can get my money back.

    • #112375 Reply

      I started trading more intensively in the lockdown period. Online trading is now part of my daily life and by investing with this broker things have changed.

    • #112377 Reply

      Platform not perfect but easy to use and with a wide range of markets. The commissions they charge are cheaper when comparing with other brokers.

    • #112379 Reply

      Bitcoin continues to record a steep decline. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m thinking of staying because I don’t want to risk what I earn by investing there. The consultant who assists me suggested that I focus on other markets that expect to have movements that can help me generate profits.

    • #112381 Reply

      I’m very happy to have trusted the Tradeuros platform. Thanks to the advice they gave me, I was able to recover what I had lost in previous experiences and also make gains.

    • #112383 Reply

      Oil inventory data will be released tomorrow afternoon. Since I have been following and investing in crude oil for a long time, I was able to understand the right times to invest. The company keeps me informed on the latest market developments and helps me a lot in the decisions I make.

    • #112385 Reply

      I have had bad experiences in the past losing thousands of euros. With tradeeuros I invested a small amount of money to see if it was really a serious and licensed broker. It’s been 6 months and luckily I haven’t had any problems with the consultant or withdrawing my money.

    • #112387 Reply

      Sometimes there are many who make hasty moves, risking losing money by blaming the broker. With Tradeuros I can’t say I got the best results, but at least I was able to learn new strategies and techniques.

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