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      Tradestation is one of the most well-known brokers in the investment sector and that is why I chose him to start my investments with him. I searched the internet and read positive reviews from various investors. I hope what I read does not dispute.

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      I am an inexperienced investor and I do not know what to do to activate an account with him or not. I’m in a dilemma whether to activate a demo account or a real one directly. Who is a more experienced investor let me know his opinion.

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        I would suggest you activate a real account directly, for me it is a waste of time the demo account. With the Tradestation broker you can activate an account with a very small amount of money so you will get better acquainted and become more experienced.

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      The Tradestation broker is very good and provides you with a wide range of purchases. But what I like most is that regardless of the amount you invest, it provides you with an account manager.

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      We are all in a global turmoil due to covid-19, a virus unknown to all of us. This is one of the main reasons why the stock market has been greatly affected and especially the global economy. I am very careful with my investment moves because nothing is certain.

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      I have been trading with the Tradestation broker for 2 years and I can have a clear opinion about him and I would like to share it with you so that I can help any investor who is thinking of investing with him. My personal experience is very positive, the withdrawal is almost never delayed and the customer service every time I have contacted me have been treated with courtesy and clarity. For these reasons I have continued to work with Tradestation.

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      Who can suggest me which market to focus on at the moment because I am still a beginner and I am afraid to make wrong investment moves.

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        First of all, I would suggest that you contact the financial advisor, I am sure that he will advise you better than any of us. But I will tell you that I focused, maybe this way I will help you. Apple iphone12’s new model is expected to be released very soon, so it is a good investment move.

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      After Trump announced that he is positive about covid -19, the American markets were affected. It is a difficult period, I will personally wait until I make the next investment move.

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      The second lockdown, although some markets are negatively affected, others are positively affected, such as Amazon and Alibaba. These markets are on the rise because most people want to keep the security measures for it and prefer to shop online.

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      When I decided to do online trading I did a very good job searching the internet for a trusted and serious broker. Tradestation had everything I wanted in a broker for this and was my first choice. Fortunately, this choice did not hasten me and everything is very satisfactory.

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      The news about the rise of Bitcoin has become exciting. In my opinion it is a good opportunity to invest, but we must also be careful because it may have a descent again. We can contact the account manager and he will advise us better.

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      I have no words to describe how happy and satisfied I am to be able to operate independently. This is thanks to the advice offered and evident to the commitment and study I have dedicated to trading. At first I was afraid to rely on them but after doing some research I decided to start the experience by investing a capital of 1000 euros.

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      How do you think it is better to activate a demo account or directly a real account?

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        If you do not feel completely confident in activating a real account you can familiarize yourself with the demo account until you feel confident.

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      A friend of mine suggested me the Tradestation broker because he is a very good broker for non-professional investors. When I activated an account I started with small amounts of money and along the way I managed to invest bigger and secure very big profits.

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      Tradestation is a complete broker and provides very good services for this and I have chosen it. A year ago I was skeptical about this choice but in time I realized that he is a serious and professional broker and he has not disappointed me at all and I am very happy to have him confidentially.

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      Tradestation is one of the most well-known brokers in the investment sector. I have trusted him for several years for my investments and I can say that I would put 5 stars.

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      Bitcoin continues to have a very good price increase and I consider it one of the best investment opportunities.

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      Although it is not easy to trust a broker when you have gone through many frustrations in the past, this is why I take firm and safe steps. I searched the internet for this broker and because I read positive reviews I decided to activate an account.

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