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London Capital Group

This section is dedicated to commenting or sharing your thoughts on London Capital Group or online investment platform. You can write your experience for this broker This way you will be able to help all those who want to invest with this platform.
Is London Capital Group a platform that meets your needs?
Is a serious platform?
What are the licenses available to London Capital Group?
What commissions does London Capital Group offer?

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      Warning: withholds your money and comes up with yet another excuse to not execute withdrawals.

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      Getting more and more problem with execution. It is very difficult to get in during news. During quiet market can be considered as good. When they will be back at good level like 9 months ago, I will add 1 or 2 more stars.

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      I highly recommend this broker. I currently use this broker to trade, and it’s very nice. Strict to themself, and very good in regulation compliance

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      London Capital Group the best trading-Good Service experience-Good performance…
      One company that has stood for years, which has good service and a very good trading experience for beginners like me

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      Fast execution, very top level dealing desk and support.

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      I have to say that is one of the only few real brokers offering real access to state-of-the-art platforms .The only inconvenience is the intial capital currency equivalent.I have to say that in terms of execution,customer service,etc everything could not be better.

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