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      From an advertisement I saw on the internet I started online investing with the broker etoro, of course I searched the internet for comments and reviews and I read that everything was positive.

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      Etoro is a trusted, serious and authorized broker. It offers free webinars and educational material where you can attend to join the platform more easily and faster.

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      It has some features as a broker that I like very much, such as low spreads, fast order execution and fast withdrawal. I think these are 3 very good features.

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      Etoro is a broker well known in the investment industry and especially to professional investors. I have been working with this broker for years and I am very satisfied.

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      We all suddenly lost our jobs after the announcement that we would have to close because of covid-19 that none of us knew and had not heard of before. Because of this situation I became more involved with my online investments.

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      This winter has been very difficult for us since the pandemic and we have had to stay locked in, but I can say that I personally take this opportunity to get more involved in trading online.

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      It has been very difficult for me to find a broker who i feel safe and confident but fortunately a co-worker from my job recommended Etoro and my first experience with trading online was not disappointing.

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      Etoro is a satisfactory and complete broker. What you can not find in many other brokers is the copytrader, I think one of the most useful features that a broker has.

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      Etoro is a very satisfied broker and I have been trading with him for over a year now and I can express an opinion. Do not be afraid to invest in the broker Etoro.

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      The account manager advised me to focus on Apple stocks because the new model, the iphone12, is expected to be released. I am skeptical of making such an investment.

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        I personally would advise you to focus because in the past I have made proportional investments and I have had good results. Apple is a company that is usually in high demand.

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      Etoro is one of the most well-known brokers in the online investment world and that was the main reason I chose it for my investments. Fortunately, I have not been disappointed for a moment and I do not regret the choice I made.

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      I find it difficult to trust a broker and especially after so many frustrations I have had in the past. But for the broker etoro before activating an account I searched the internet to read what other investors have commented, generally what I read was both positive and negative. I decided to activate an account with the minimum capital and then I will think if I will continue my investments.

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      I am a beginner in online investing and the reason I decided to activate an account with the broker etoro was because it allows the copytrader to copy professional investor strategies. This way I will be able to join the platform faster.

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      The company offers a wide variety of financial services and instruments. There is a way each of us has the opportunity to invest using the copytrader. Thanks to this service, a beginner can trade by following the techniques and moves performed by the best experts and analysts

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      Great platform! It is trustworthy, transparent and one of the best brokers I have ever had.

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      Etoto is one of the Top 5 best trading platforms. They have a variety of platforms with a wide range of markets and financial instruments. You can deposit and withdraw without any problems. I am more than satisfied with the experience I am getting with them.

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      I have seen and read many positive reviews about this platform. So I decided to try to activate an account with them. Can someone help me and advise me if it is better to start my investment with the help of copytrader or activate a demo account?

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        In my opinion, it is better to study the strategies of professional investors so that you can better understand the platform and integrate more easily.

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      Etoro is a trusted and duly authorized platform. I work with them for a year and I am very satisfied with the services they provide. Also, I have never had problems with withdrawal. The only thing I would like to judge is that it seems quite reasonable to me that for each withdrawal you are charged $ 25.

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      I chose the Etoro broker because it gives me the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies. Given the value of Bitcoin continues to grow, I consider it one of the best investment opportunities.

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